Avoid the #1 cause of early battery failure!

Keep your aviation battery always fully charged with BatteryMINDer.

Aviation Calibrated

Even a "maintenance free" aviation battery needs to be kept at full charge at all times to avoid sulfation on plates that robs it of power and reduces battery life.

Stop paying the high price of replacing your battery every two to three years. A properly maintained aviation battery should give you more than five years of safe performance!

Avoid overcharging – use only an aviation-calibrated charger-maintainer.

Automotive chargers are set at a higher output voltage than aviation batteries can handle – resulting in damaging overcharging. The #1 aviation-calibrated battery charger/maintainer/desulfator, BatteryMINDer products are specially designed to charge and maintain all aviation-specific FAA-certified Concorde, Gill, Hawker and Odyssey brand sealed, wet, maintenance-free, AGM, Gel, PLT thin-plate lead-acid batteries.

  • High-efficiency design allows continuous operation for less than 43 cents/month* without fear of over/under-charging
  • Indicates level of charge remaining so that weak batteries can be replaced before going bad
  • Exclusive 5-year no-hassle warranty
*Based on continually maintaining one 125Ah battery

FREE Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter

Receive a FREE Digital Multimeter with your purchase of a new BatteryMINDer 12V or 24V aircraft charger-maintainer. Multimeter accurately measures DC and AC voltage, DC current, resistance and more!

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Offer limited to 12 & 24 volt aviation-specific models only. This is a one-time offer and may be withdrawn or amended without notice. Canada customers call Customer Support Dept. to order at 800-379-5579 ext. 1 or ext. 8.